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Virtual Church Service

22 March 2020 Service: The Gospel was John 9:1-41.

Archived videos live on YouTube, which you can access by following this link (the first live service is particularly amusing)

Welsh service

Lutheran service

(no Communion this week, trying to figure out the technology aspect first!) Apologies for it being a little tinny, we’ll get the hang of technology yet!

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Since we got SPIKED in our last meeting, so meetings will have a password. If you are interested in joining Bible study, feel free to contact us for the password.

For the record, as a result of being spiked, we can honestly report that we had TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY participants in our on-line Bible study! They were surprising, loud, obnoxious and random, and definitely not there to discuss John 15:18-27, but we’re certain the Spirit got them all the same. We will begin with John 16 for our next meeting on 2 April 2020 at 1000!

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