What are you waiting for?

And so begins our Advent journey – waiting for a homeless, refugee child, born to an unwed teenage mother, in a stinky barn and then to call him Lord.

Christianity is a ridiculous idea – forgiveness, grace, mercy, love and all this to ALL people – doesn’t God have any standards?

Have you seen some of these people? I mean, single mothers, teenagers, factory workers, long haired lay – abouts, refugees, homeless persons, people who want to change things, general do-gooders with no idea of history or tradition. Church isn’t about changing things, it’s about doing it the same time way year in and year out – like Jesus did!

If you agree with the above statement I wouldn’t recommend reading any more – trust me, from here on in it will not get any better for you.


Last warning! No more!


Right, let’s get one thing straight – Church IS about change, well being perfectly correct, Christianity is all about change – a change in us, a change in what we do and how we think and by extension then a change in the church. This happens when the shattering person who is Jesus influences us. He shatters our view of ourselves, of the world, of the church and of those around us. He has done it for 2000 years, he ain’t gonna stop now!!

Look at the Christmas story as a beginning. It sets the tone for everything else that follows – and blows all the tradition views right out of the window.

Firstly a woman is at the centre of the story – in 1st century Israel that didn’t happen.

She is pregnant – with no husband – scandal time.

Her baby is born in a stinky barn – not the conventional place for a birth and of a king, unusual would be an understatement.

Choirs of angels appear to announce this birth – but they don’t go to the synagogues or palaces they must have got lost and end up with humble shepherds who are washing their sock on a hillside.

Oh, important people come to see this baby – but not local religious leaders, not the mayor of Bethlehem or the like – but pagan stargazers, strangers from a distant land. It takes foreigners to show his own people what is in front of their eyes.

Oh I don’t think we can say that Jesus doesn’t bring about change. From the start all he did was challenge and change things – perceptions, closed minds, ways of thinking, lives – lives like mine and yours.

So, are you ready for an ADVENTure? Are you ready to see what his radical has in store for you? This advent take a look at the story of Christmas again and see behind the manger to the Child who has, and is and will change the world again.



Since starting this blog Nelson Mandela has passed away – a man who lived the challenge, changed the world and is an inspiration to us all.

I saw a lovely tweet the other day from God’s twitter account. “Jesus and Nelson getting on well, after all they both like rugby!” Madiba will be missed.


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