Cyrus or Syria – you decide!


Its catch up time. Rebuilding the website took a bit more time than I hoped – so I need to catch up.


Here’s the first one –


For those who seriously care more about Cyrus that Syria we pray!


So it’s a bit out of date but I’m sure most of you remember the fuss about Miley Cyrus and her wonderful exhibition at the MTV awards. If you haven’t seen it you’re not missing much but you can’t have failed to miss the media storm around it.

ANYONE with a Twitter account couldn’t fail to see all the tweets; Facebook was full of it; the press was covered in the pictures and comments.

At the same time a lot of the governments of the world were condemning Syria for chemical weapons attacks (some blame the rebels, some blame the government) but you never would have guessed it from the social media sites. What was there was buried deeply behind the pictures and words about Miley.

Isn’t it awful that many people are more concerned about some ¬†young woman doing some strange dancing than they are about at least 700 people killed by chemic

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