God of the little things

Sometimes, it is the huge things that catch our attention, fires that turn the sky to blood and the ash in the air making our breath short. Sometimes it can be pretty epic. But sometimes, it is the little things that remind us, usually in a small voice, that God is with us.

How can this be? We’re in the midst of an existential crisis unlike many we’ve seen before. Yeah, since 1852, there have been some pretty astonishing crises: Napoleon assumed power in France in a coup, Crimean War, US Civil War, Great War, World War 2, Krakatoa, Fall of the Ottoman Empire, Spanish Flu – we’ve seen a lot.

David Clode

But take a moment, and take a long look at something. One minute. Solid, just sit and look at the drop of water on a leaf, and see if you can find three things about it, in it, that it makes you think of, that you wouldn’t have thought of, if you hadn’t taken that one little minute.

Because yeah, it’s the big things. But God is also in the little things too, the details, the finer points, the minutae. Take a peek.

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