We strive for excellense


We strive for excellense.

We never quite make it – but we strive. (And to all those who have let us know our sign is misspelled – thank you. It was quite deliberate.)

People outside the church have this strange view that all of us church goers think we’re perfect and that we’re better than everyone else. It is the case that there are vocal elements in (what we we broadly call) the church who do this. They are the definite minority. For those who truly follow Jesus the opposite is usually more of the problem. We actually know how imperfect we are and that we are in no way better than others, far too often church people undersell their gifts and don’t live up to their massive, God given potential.

There are no perfect churches either, just as there are no perfect people. We see the church as a hospital for sinners not an escape zone for saints. We, at the Melbourne Welsh Church, are well aware of of lot of our faults (I’m sure there are some we haven’t noticed) but we are also conscious of what we can do. We are continually striving for excellense – always aiming higher – in churchy language – all wanting to be more Christ-like. Our doors are open to ANYONE – no matter who you are. We make a conscious and definite effort to be a radically inclusive church. If you make that first step and walk in, we will endeavour to make you feel welcome. We know that how we do things doesn’t suit everyone (we have an organ not a band) but, even if you choose not to come back, it will not be because you were not made welcome and we try to make sure that welcome is universal no matter what your race / back ground / gender / sexual orientation / insert other discriminational phrase here. Yes, we are proud to say we are Christians but we are not bigots!

If you choose to stay we promise to try and ensure that you are part of a loving and welcoming community that worships God and works like Jesus (well tries to). We will encourage you to be part of that welcome you received and aim to help you fulfil your potential in the church and outside. We see Christianity as a way of life not an hour long activity on a Sunday.

We are not perfect – far from it – even our sign writer gets it wrong – but we will strive to make ourselves better, more Christ-like and to us that means being welcoming, loving, caring, serving, working. We see the radical Jesus as our role model. The one who welcomed the outcasts of his time, the ones the world and religious folk said were worthless and we’re trying to be like him.



08/09/2014 at 7:15 pm

Hi, after reading this remarkable post i am as well glad to share my familiarity here with friends.

Sue Worth

08/09/2014 at 7:15 pm

As ever, thought provoking and always positive. Oxford is too far away to come to MWC every Sunday, but you can guarantee next time I will be in Melbourne I will attend MWC. Aunty Sue.

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