Jesus is a Melbourne Rebel


Jesus was always a rebel.

Today he is a Melbourne Rebel.

It’s hard for us to understand just how much of a rebel this man from Nazareth truly was. His message was so revolutionary that he was killed because of it. In a time when there was segregation at every turn, Jesus accepted everyone. In a place where women were seen as processions, he treated them as equals. To those who were shunned by society and the church of the day he went to dinner, shared a drink and enjoyed their company. He took the norms of society, upended them and showed what true love of humanity is. He spoke out about oppression, injustice and freedom.

We have nothing to compare him to – he was more of an activist than Bono or Sir Bob. More concerned with the state of humanity than Mandela or Tutu. More radical than Lady Gaga and more than a rebel than anyone I can think of.

Jesus was a true rebel! He was unique – he was special.

Now as we are talking of special – let me tell you about a group of special rugby players. Once every 12 years there comes a special tour, the Lions come to Australia.

The British and Irish Lions arrive and, for those of us who love rugby, it is the most exciting of tours. The best players of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the odd one or two from England join together and take on the ‘provincial’ teams from around Australia and then the might of the Wallabies.

This week the Lions play the Melbourne Rebels. It is, without doubt, the biggest game in the short history of the Rebels, a chance to face the greatest touring team that only visits once or maybe twice in any players career. The Melbourne Rebels are so far the underdogs that it is impossible to imagine an scenario where they can beat the Lions.

Now I read in the Bible that Jesus was always for the underdogs of society. Therefore, I say, today Jesus is a Melbourne Rebel!

So, as he is everywhere, he and I will go to the game and cheer on the Rebels. We will watch them lose (he tends not to do miracles in sport and he did help Brisbane over the weekend it seems) and we will enjoy the spectacular game.

Jesus the rebel will watch the Melbourne Rebels and then ask us to be as rebellious as him. Love the unloved and unlovely, see all as equals and work for a better and fairer world for all.

True rebels!

In the same way we cheer on our rebels at AAMI – listen for his voice when we show loyalty to his rebellion –

“C’mon Rebels!”

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