The Royal Baby!!!!


Have you seen the fuss? Lucky you weren’t living in the U.K. It’s wall to wall there. They have only had 2 news stories for the past week – the Ashes and the Royal baby.

For obvious reasons we’ll ignore the Ashes but we can’t ignore H.R.H. baby George. He’s barely a few days old and already his life is mapped out for him. Which schools, which college, which regiment. I wouldn’t be surprised that in a cupboard somewhere dark, where nobody will stumble across it by accident, is the order of service for his state funeral. He is one special child.

But lets not forget that’s what he is – a child. 1000’s of children have been born this week and to most of those new parents their child is a prince or princess, the very centre of the world. William and Kate are experiencing what a lot of new parents are going through, the joys and the worries. The adjustment to life looking after a new little person.

Every child is special, every person is special. As we grow up and grow older we forget that. All those people we see walking past us everyday in the street or on the tram is special is someone, they have something that makes them laugh and something else that makes them cry. They have hopes and dreams, they won’t be the same as yours but they have them.

This week let’s try and make an effort to remember that everyone is special and treat them that way. Look at them as Jesus does, with eyes full of compassion and love, and treat them as “fellow passengers to the grave and not another race of people bound on other journeys” as Dickens put it.

And as we wish William and Kate and H.R.H. baby George every blessing, we do to all the other new parents of children born this week. God bless them all.

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