There is a lot of troubling things going on in our world at the moment. This is not a full list but some examples are –


The downing of MH17 and the situation in he Ukraine,

The troubles in Israel and Gaza,

The plight of the Asylum Seekers and what will happen to them,

The crash of a plane in Taiwan,

and the list could go on.


We are not trivialising any one of these or the countless, unreported, horrors and tragedies across the world and we are holding each of the situations in our prayers.

Many of us are not directly affected by these events but we still read our papers and watch the news getting more and more concerned and upset at the state of the world, so to you we offer this little bit of  joy….


There is no angry way to say Bubbles!!!


Try it and try not to smile.

It won’t make your problems go away, it won’t make the world a better place but it will bring a smile to your lips and if that happens (for just a moment) this sign has done it’s job!

Now go and bring a smile to someone else……

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