Debt Paid

‘M’ came and sat next to me the other day on a Mall in Melbourne.
‘M’ was the first person I met as I started loitering and lurking just over a year ago, we met on March 20th, 2014.
I enquired as to his well being and he started sobbing, I put my arm around him as he told me why he was upset.
After a while we decided it would be good to eat, so I invited ‘M’ to choose where we would go.
Upon arriving we were met with some suspicion, and as soon as we placed out order we were asked to pay. I explained we may want more food and or drink and that I was paying and would do so at the end, ( as in normal practise).
I approached the owner of the cafe and asked if there were a problem or if ‘M’ had been before and gone without paying?it transpired he had so I offered to pay the whole $2.00 !! She politely refused and then proceeded to ‘warn me of giving any money to ‘M’!!
I returned to the table and asked ‘m’ if he owed the owner money, he did and knew it was $2.00, I gave him the money and he paid his debt in full!!

I so am blessed to get to hang out with crooks!!

Yes people its almost Easter!!

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