when will jesus return???

Driving through a country city recently, I spotted a sign posing the age old question…when will jesus return??? As a kid this was the subject of many a ‘sermon’, ‘discussion’ and ‘debate’, people became wealthy writing endless books about it, there was even a ‘movie’ or two made to try and answer that very question!!
I reckon Jesus will return when good and ready!!

Maybe the more important question is, what ever this ‘return’ might look like, is how are  things since Jesus ‘left”??

Have we stuffed things up?, how have we loved our enemies? and have we loved our neighbours as our selves?

How are we doing on the ‘stranger’ and ‘sojourner’ front?, how is the planet looking?

Who have we in excluded rather than include?

Has ‘justice been served’?

Has God’s will been on earth as in heaven?

Have I though of  the needs and desirers others over my own?

Now ask yourself, when Jesus ‘returns’, how ready are you?

If I think my faith and you think your faith is is about ‘pie in the sky in the sweet by and by, you’d be wrong, its more like ‘steak on the plate while we wait’!!

before worrying over Jesus return, ask yourself has justice been done?, have we loved kindness? and have we walked humbly with God?… THEN if time permits spent time concerning yourself with Jesus return, OR get on with humbly walking with God….. you might run into Jesus along the way!!!

Them people might say…………………………………………………………….

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