Church Sign of the Week 6


I hear this, or variations on this, quite a lot.

There is a very good point buried in here (well not buried, in fact there is a good point quite plainly put) – God is, as I have said before, a wonderful, loving God – those who claim to serve him, on the other hand, are a mixed bunch. Pick up your papers, turn on the news, listen to the radio. Almost every week there is a story about the Church or a priest or a T.V. Evangelist – we read of brainwashing the weak and needy, we hear of pedophile predators free to roam their parishes, we listen to stories of mega churches ripping off the public. We are told that the Church cannot agree on what to do about the 8% of the congregation that is gay, or the estimated 25% of the population not born in Australia. And that’s all we hear.

We don’t hear of the (literally 1000’s) of people who give up their times as volunteers in aged care facilities, to feed the homeless, to do any number of good things. We don’t read about the people helping to build schools and hospitals in places where they are needed. We don’t listen to stories of all the churches doing good great work in their local area. For every brainwashing church their is 10,000 churches supporting their community and the people, for every pedophile there are ¬†100,000’s of priests quietly doing the good work, for every mega church and every corrupt T.V. evangelist there are millions of churches and evangelists who are not corrupt, who are striving to do God’s work with the people around them. Some churches care for 100% of their people and don’t care what colour their skin is, where they come from or who they choose to spend their life with.

I pray that is what we, at the Melbourne Welsh Church are. One of the churches that is not in the papers, or on the T.V. or radio. Just part of the fan club of God doing our little bit for ALL the people around us.

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