its all very ordinary

Sometimes the ‘ordinary’
is over looked, today as i drank hot chocolate with friends and strangers, a person walking past stopped and picked up rubbish and put it in the bin, the person emptying the bin, stopped and chatted with those who make their home under the bridge.
It was all very ordinary and so good!!

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As a younger man I drove a 63 model holden , I enjoyed that car. 
I had many stickers on that car displaying messages of the things I was against.
An older woman started a conversation with me one day about these stickers. 
She was known to me, Peter she said, for that is my name, I see from the stickers on your car what you’re against, but, what do you stand for???
It was a good question and it made me think.
It made me think again recently as we witness events locally  personally and globally.
At these times it’s easy to be against everything we see and hate, but the question remains…
Maybe it’s in these hard times, it’s what we stand for that will bring change?

life is like a cup of hot chocolate

Its 645 am on an overcast Tuesday morning, people are out, running, riding, exercising or rowing along the yarra river. People every where are rushing to work or  going about their daily business,
not me I’m loitering, with a thermos of hot chocolate blended from several ingredients in my hands.

The homes under the bridge are silent as residents sleep, stirring occasional, unaware of  the activity, seagulls wait impatiently for them to stir as they await the crumbs of their food.

I sit quietly, waiting, watching and contemplating, as the residents continue their slumber.

After some time I leave the thermos and cups at the entry to the home under the bridge and go about the day, wondering who will i meet today, whose story will i hear and what will become of the hot chocolate??

blessed are the cheese makers!!

Sleeping rough near a building used for Church, because it is the ‘safest place I know’ explained a bloke to me recently as we chatted.
Mean while inside we conversing at our evening service eating cheese and drinking juice.
I took a plate of cheese and crackers out to ‘J’ and invited him to join me for breakfast the next morning. ‘J’ was a no show.

On arriving at my office today, on my desk was a hand written letter from ‘J’, expressing his thanks for the cheese, which really hit the spot, along with an apology for no turning up for breakfast, a contact number for him and a request to ‘do’ breakfast soon.

Im not sure who is meant by the ‘least’, and what we should do or if cheese is even mentioned, but as far as I’m concerned blessed are the cheese makes because they made an impact on ‘J’.

I reckon the kingdom of heaven belongs to ‘J’ and all who share a similar journey.

thanks be to cheese makers!!


For the past few weeks Bubba has been posting his blog on the sentence “Be still and know that I am God.” Every week he has been taking a word or two off –

Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still

Today we end with BE.

There are so many things to be

Be yourself;

Be positive;

Be different;

Be consistent;

Be original;

I’m sure you can add more to that list.

Sometimes though, it’s just good to be. That’s it, just be. Sit and think and be. We don’t do enough of that. We are so caught up with meetings and deadlines and what’s on next that we forget to be.

So this week take a little time to sit and to

Be still and know that I am God
to Be still and know that I am
to Be still and know

but also to just be.

(Couldn’t resist this!!!)

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