Granted Sight

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Out riding recently it was cold, maybe not by European or North American standards, as I wiped ice of the seat I knew it was going to be a cold and foggy ride.
Setting out, to make the first stop at the Giddy Goat Café for coffee and food, it did not take long for the cold to drop the body temperature!!
These are the times you think about the car with climate control being a better option.
As I made my way through the mist and fog, with limited vision,  I was reminded that sometimes, our journey through life is ‘foggy’ and ‘misty’.
We don’t always ‘see’ things clearly; however the ‘sight’ we do have has been granted to us, and we live with the hope that one day the ‘fog’ will lift and our sight will be restored.



That is a line from a movie I watched last week and that one line has caused me to think about, why and what I do on the street.

This is not to say providing food, clothing,meals and conversation or friendship is not a good thing.

 For me however, it goes to motive.

Why do I do what I do?

Is it the best for the other, does it bring new life or indeed a ‘better’ life??

Those are the questions I am asking myself.


Hello is that Peter?, yes it is, your friend ‘M’ has just been to see us and is quite distressed we have called an ambulance he would like you to contact him.
Sometime later I try to contact the hospital where ‘M’ was being taken to, only to find due to his refusal or ability to co-operated ‘M’  had moved on. 

I had tried to call at one point and heard the distress ‘M’ was in as paramedics tried to help him.

I found it distressing, in fact, I felt I was entering into ‘M’s’ suffering, (compassion) and it impacted me for the rest of the day, as it does as I write this.

Eventually  ‘M’ answered  his phone and another friend from the street along with his mother comforted him, we hope to catch up in a couple of days.

Compassion takes its toll, and like listening, really listening, it allows us enter into others pain and joy.

Tonight I grieve for a friend who is suffering and am again reminded, like Jesus we are acquainted with grief and sorrow.

Life is like……?

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There is a line in a movie, about life being like a box of chocolates?

I reckon it’s more like deep fried ice-cream!!

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