is there anybody out there??

There is a God, you just have not met him yet;

These are the words on banner at the intersection in a local suburb.

Apart from making assumptions about ‘gender’ it assumes most people are ignorant of God.

I wonder who it is to ‘blame’ for this apparent ignorance?

I wonder if people like you and I are so busy being busy, we fail to show people what God is like?

If people don’t encounter God in us they may just ‘find’ God elsewhere, or maybe God finds them, maybe even in the ‘darkness’??

How do people have to ‘act’ or ‘look like us’, for us to determine if they ‘know God’?

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a nobody.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would this pictures words be??

This shot taken on a street in Melbourne, on the street are great cafes, a bakery and restaurants.
It is also home to one of the few funeral parlours in the ‘inner’ City precinct.

It has a history of funeral services for people of means, criminals, famous people and of the granddaughter of some friends.

The place was packed, I was there as a mark of respect for the grandparents. It was so packed many had to stand out in the street, which is where I stood.

I had no official part to play, no words of comfort to offer, no antidotes and I shed no tears, I just observed others grieving and ‘coming to terms’ with death and dying.

I went and purchased small packets of tissues to hand to people and to place a hand on the shoulder of strangers.

I was reminded of the line in a song, everybody gets a chance to be a nobody.

I like being a nobody.

Taking it to the streets

One of my mates from around town called the other day wanting to catch up.

He told the story, with scared face and broken nose, of his recent bashing.
He wanted me to ask the person who bashed him why?? ‘M’ felt helpless and frightened, he was shattered.
The person responsible for this was not in the usual spot, this person too has the street for his 
home and is just as vulnerable.
As we walked and talked we met up with three other of his mates, two who had also received the same treatment from the same person. 
We shared food and drink we talked together. 
It was heart breaking. 
By their own admission, they are no angels, but the sense of helplessness and despair, not so much about what they do or don’t have, rather of being respected and loved, was evident. 
One of these men I have known since 2014 we catch up regularly and this week, along with his mates we hope to celebrate ‘M’s’ 44th birthday. 
As we share food together, as we respect, care for each other and celebrate the precious live of one of God’s children, I hope this moment in time will be the start of dignity and hope restored.

Post Easter Blues??

So Easter celebrations are over.

So whats different today after ‘Formal Easter Celebrations’ have ended?

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