‘popup church’.

POPUP is an informal get together of people, who have faith communities, but sometimes like to to discuss, vent, encourage, be encouraged and heard in a different setting.
Today three of us spent one and a half hours drinking coffee/hot chocolate and discussing matters of faith and personal stuff.
We are quite different, rather than look for differences we share what we have in common and challenge and are challenged to think and rethink what we believe and why.
It is always good to listen and be heard, and to go away knowing we love and care for each other.
One person who is a regular, has recently moved back with partner and family after a time of separation,another is a single dad coping with all the stuff of life and who hangs out with ‘dangerous’ people, then there is me, who struggles to make sense of doubt and faith.

Together we travel this road we call ‘our faith journey’, and together discover the importance of life before death!!

It’s a mixed group, crazy group, and its sinners and saints together making sense of life

Where you stands depends what you see

Getting around Melbourne by various means of transport, including Car, Motorcycle, on foot, Tram and Train, has provided some observations about us humans.

Depending on which mode of transport we take, often depends on what we expect from others, and our own actions or behaviours.

One thing tat appears not to change is our expectations on others to put our needs first, our biggest need, or so it appears from my observations is, the need to get where we’re going.

This then may mean we need to ignore the usual rules around obeying traffic signals and rules, even if it means putting ones self and others in danger!!

So we’re guided by our needs and mode on getting around, as to how we act and react.

I wonder how it might look if we put others needs before our own, it could get messy!!

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Minority – the term applied to the majority of the world’s population

Minority – the term applied to the majority of the world’s people.

I can’t remember who said this to me, but I instantly liked the thoughts behind it. Think about it.

We are all very good at marginalising people. We started doing it in school – the playground games, those who were allowed to play and those who weren’t. The excuses why were many and varied but the reason was usually that they didn’t fit in.

We continue the establish trend into adulthood and by then it’s ingrained into us – that idea of us & them, with us being right and them wrong.

Through school, Uni, work and our social lives we develop this pattern. The divisions become wider and more numerous. And, like in school, they are usually just as ridiculous.

Different clothes, different tastes in music, different political ideas, the list goes on and on and the only people who can break its cycle is us, ourselves. Only we can make a difference and change the minorities into the accepted.

Those of you who come to the Melbourne Welsh Church think how you would feel if you went to a Mosque or Synagogue for a service. You would have no clue what to do – you certainly wouldn’t fit in, you’d need someone to show you the ropes.

We are all in the minority when we look at things in different ways.

I have a friend called Columbus. Columbus is a very tall gentleman from Ghana. He is also (in his own words), “Very, very black”. I went with him to one of his family parties once. I was the only non-Ghanaian there, one white face in a gathering of over 100 people. I could have felt very uncomfortable but I was made to feel part of the group, included in the festivities, although very much in the minority I was accepted, I still look back at that day as a wonderful time.

If we look at the New Testament at the life of Jesus and the work of the early Church we see minorities valued, cherished and loved.

A young, unmarried woman from a little backwater town.

A group of smelly fishermen.

A band of followers in which women were number and counted.

Meals with prostitutes & sinners.

Work with outcasts, even tax collectors.

Healing of lepers and the family of Romans!

Talks with Samaritans.

The very first gentile convert to this new way was an Ethiopian Eunuch – can’t get much more marginalised than that. No one would want him around – except God to whom he had great worth.

It seems that in God’s eyes there are no minorities; no us and them – just us, all of us, children of God, brothers and sisters on the same journey.

As we approach Easter when we remember that Christ died and rose again for ALL – let us try and view the world with the eyes of God and see, not that which divides us, but that which makes us all the same.

The voice of a faith is not always the voice of its leaders

It continually astounds me how people can live their faith despite what the leaders of that faith say it should be.
Take Ali – a young lady who is one of the most Christian people I have ever met. She is a good Catholic girl, follows her faith, lives it out in all she does, serves others and works hard in her parish, her priest thinks she is one of the greatest assets to the community. All sounds great except the leaders of her church would disown her because she is gay. 
Eric works hard for the church. He is the caretaker. Almost everyday he goes in and scrubs and polishes, buffs and shines. He picks up the rubbish left by the congregations that meet during the week, he cleans the toilets and even makes sure that the gardens look tidy. Expect Eric can’t attend the church, the preacher has said it’s for whites only and Eric has a little too much colour – he’s black. 
Take a look at this picture 
– this is one of hundreds that you can find online. It’s an image of Muslim men protecting their Christian brothers as they hold their service. What’s wrong with this image…? Well the main thing wrong (or right) with it is that if these men listened to many of their Imams they would be burning the church not protecting it.
Zac was a thief. He hid it well under the guise of his job but he always took a little off the side. Despite this the Man had come to dinner at his place. Despite what the leaders said (He eats with that kind) the Man still came. Zac changed, the high ups didn’t; they still whined and moaned about what’s wrong, but Zac had changed. He came to realise that people usually do change when they meet the Man, but what does that say about the high ups??

Debt Paid

‘M’ came and sat next to me the other day on a Mall in Melbourne.
‘M’ was the first person I met as I started loitering and lurking just over a year ago, we met on March 20th, 2014.
I enquired as to his well being and he started sobbing, I put my arm around him as he told me why he was upset.
After a while we decided it would be good to eat, so I invited ‘M’ to choose where we would go.
Upon arriving we were met with some suspicion, and as soon as we placed out order we were asked to pay. I explained we may want more food and or drink and that I was paying and would do so at the end, ( as in normal practise).
I approached the owner of the cafe and asked if there were a problem or if ‘M’ had been before and gone without paying?it transpired he had so I offered to pay the whole $2.00 !! She politely refused and then proceeded to ‘warn me of giving any money to ‘M’!!
I returned to the table and asked ‘m’ if he owed the owner money, he did and knew it was $2.00, I gave him the money and he paid his debt in full!!

I so am blessed to get to hang out with crooks!!

Yes people its almost Easter!!

Live like Jesus not like Christians

Live like Jesus not like Christians (please) –

You don’t have to read very wide or very deeply around the idea of Church and Christianity before you come across some dirty laundry. I would venture to say that pretty much all of the stuff the church doesn’t want aired is because someone (or some few) are not living like Jesus.

Look at some of the so called T.V. Evangelists – preying on the weak to grab as much cash as they can because, after all and let’s be fair here, every minister needs a private plane or two to fulfil their potential as the messenger of God. I seem to have misplaced mine – I thought I’d left it on my yacht but obviously not, ah well it’s only a few mill, I can just buy another one for my missionary work. Please send your cash to The usual address and I’ll inscribe your name on the fuselage of my jet if you give more than $10,000.

Since I started to write this blog this article has come to my attention. (Update – after a major social media backlash the campaign has been taken down).

If you actually read your New Testament you will read about a guy called Jesus. He didn’t have a plane or a car in fact he had to borrow a donkey to ride into Jerusalem.

Unfortunately many of us ‘Christians’ seem to have forgotten about what this Jesus guy actually did and what he actually said. If we did things might be very different – or at least the church would be!

We wouldn’t want planes, we actually shouldn’t want planes, we should want to use the $65million to feed the hungry, to help the poor, to do what Jesus would have done. (Which in my view would not be jet setting in a multi – million dollar plane around the country and world for, what is essentially, self glorification thinly disguised as doing God’s work.)

That of course is not the only problem with the Church and Christianity. Among many others there  are many splits and rifts which many people take as signs of disunity; there are the disturbing incidents of child abuse that are intolerable in any area of society but even more so in a body whose leader blesses the little children for, as he says, the Kingdom of God belongs to such as them; there are the hate gangs that call themselves Churches – Westbro Baptists (who hate everyone it seems), various racist congregations (who hate those who don’t have the same colour skin as them), rich churches (who hate the poor) and poor churches (that hate the rich) and so the list goes on.

I urge you all to go and read the New Testament, (start with the Gospel of Mark, it’s nice and short) to see who this Jesus guy was, what he did and what he would want us to do.

But remember this…..

Whisper possiblities






We’ve all heard these horrible Christian clichés and they are usually shouted by preachers who seem to hate everybody and everything. They condemn all who don’t agree with them a vehemence that seems almost holy (or unholy as the case may be!) and their loud voices drown out the quiet call of God.

In very few places in the Bible do we find God shouting; far more often God speaks quietly so we have to listen carefully to catch what is being said.

So instead of screaming out hyperboles about how God hates everyone (well that’s what it sounds like to me) let us whisper quietly the wonders of the love of God.

Listen carefully for God has much to say to you, but if you don’t listen carefully other sounds and voices can drown him out. Hear what God has to say to you…

“You’re welcome here!”

“You’re loved and valuable.”

“You can do great things.”

“You have great worth.”

“I don’t care where you’re from.”

“I love you.”

So don’t always listen to the loudest voice – it isn’t necessarily the right one; sometimes the whispers are what we need to hear.

(This post was inspired by something Rev David Hansen posted a while ago.)


A recently spotted Tshirt with words, take my advice I don’t need it, caught my attention.

Not having ever being big on offering advice however, it did ring a few alarm bells for me!!

It was a reminder to be a ‘do as I do not do as say kind of person’.

It’s easy to tell others how to act, behave…..add your own favourite here!!

It reminded me of Jesus, much more than ‘being an example’ Jesus ‘exampled’.

So I will take my own advice first.

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Still Small Voice

In the bigger scheme of things, where you have your morning coffee in not that important…..right?

Maybe not, but sometimes you have to listen to that ‘small still voice’.

Recently as i was riding into the city for my daily loitering activities, I had my mind made up where i would go first and get a long black!!
As I neared my destination, something, I call a ‘still small voice’ suggested an alternate venue.

I listened, and went to another cafe instead, had my coffee and you guessed it nothing happened, that is until I was skulking back to the bike, when out of nowhere a pair of arms came around me from behind and I got a bear hug.

It was a bloke I had met once, at the funeral for Les, which I wrote about last year.

We hugged and chatted for a time, which was good for the heart!!

We parted company a short time later, and I now listen more carefully to the ‘small still voice’, maybe just maybe its God and maybe I should listen.

PS Please don’t tell The Ruth, she says I never listen!!!!

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