Aspire not to have more but to be more

These words were said by Oscar Romero who was a Roman Catholic Archbishop who was assassinated for his beliefs. He was a strong advocate for social justice and peace.

We are about to enter the silly season – advent is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. A time of indulgence and excess – a time to give loads of presents and eat loads of food and maybe, if we have time, to remember the little baby in Bethlehem.

I love Christmas and I really don’t want to take any of the fun stuff away from it but the more Christmases I have the more I realise that the stuff is not what it’s all about. Presents are brilliant and I really like getting them but  I’m seeing that it’s the reason for the gifts that is important not the gifts themselves. 

Someone wants to give me a Christmas present – great but why do they want to? Because I mean something to them and they are thinking about me at this time.

I want to give my friend a gift for Christmas because I want them to know I’m thinking about them and I value their friendship. What the gift is isn’t really that important (although I do try and give people something they would like) it’s the fact that I’m thinking of them.

And that’s what Christmas has always been about us knowing that we are being thought about. That is true of the first Christmas – God gives us Jesus as a present to let us know he is thinking about us and we do the same year after year.

This week we enter Advent – that time of waiting for the whole Christmas thing to start. If you are anything like me its a time for buying all those presents we mean to give and writing those cards you want to send. 

This year, as you do that, remember why you are buying gifts and writing cards and remembering all those people.

This Christmas aspire not to have more but to be more.


The big day is here!
So let us go to Melbourne (or wherever you are) and see this thing that has happened
let us go down the stairs 
let’s go across the street
let’s go to a friend’s house
let’s go to that relative that you actually don’t like
let’s go to that homeless guy in the park
let’s just go anywhere
and see this thing that has happened.
For the miracle of the birth of Christ is everywhere and for everyone.
Enjoy it, spread it, live it.

Happy Christmas

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Extract from the diary of Mary.
January 6th 0 A.D.
Three very nice men turned up at the stable today, a touch overdressed perhaps in their big long robes and crowns but they did bring some prezzies. The gold will be useful, the frankincense smells nice and it will keep the mozzies away but I think we’ll be re-gifting the myrrh to Joe’s mum next Christmas.
They said some nice things about little Jesus and two of them seemed to know a lot about him. However, one did say he looks like his dad, Joe didn’t say anything???

This boy has changed my world. I pray that millions will say that too.

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Holy – dedicated or devoted to the service of God.
That’s what the dictionary tells me. When we think of holy people we think of do-gooders, ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth’ types, meek and gentle souls. 
And yet one of the holiest people I have ever met is a foul mouthed, tattooed, whiskey drinking biker. He doesn’t claim to be holy, or even nice. He doesn’t talk the holy talk but he sure walks the holy walk – he is the hands of Christ everyday, to anyone who needs him. (And by ‘anyone’ I mean ANYONE; drunks, drug addicts, homeless folk, clergy – the list goes on.)
I think Jesus would bless him, I wish everyone in the Church was as holy as him.

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Can someone tell me how to be still at Christmas? It’s a whole round of going to see this person or that person; another party; a Carol service or 5; a couple of nativity plays; buying presents; eating, drinking and trying to be merry!
Everyone is busy, the expectations are high, so much to do, so many people to see. Not enough time to fit everything in.
Today – take a breather. Sit quietly for two minutes; do it

right now and collect yourself, just be still and recharge.

Be still and remember that God is coming.

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Go! – LOVE! – Everyone

That’s it!

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Advent 21

Sheep conjures up images of Shaun the Sheep for me, sitting with one of my grandsons and laughing together till it hurts!!
In particular the episode where the young sheep, Tim takes the farmers quad on a ‘joy’ ride!!
The hilarity, which follows, never gets old.
Jesus if often referred to as to as the ‘good shepherd.
This may seem strange to us, as shepherds are not part of our cultural norms, but to the people of the day it was very clear.
Remember shepherds were not highly regarded; in fact to say they were the scum of the earth would not be over stating it!!

That Jesus would be known as a shepherd, can only mean one thing, Jesus loves scum bags…. Now that’s good news!!


Advent 20


Light does more than help us to read in the dark; no it’s so much more…we know the light when we see this…
I will appoint Peace as your overseer and Righteous as your taskmaster.
Violence shall no more be heard in your land, devastation or destruction with in your borders; you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.

What do we bring to the world, Darkness or Light???


Advent 19


At this time of the year we don’t’ merely give’ common consent’ to God.
This time we celebrate God coming to us as one of us!!

Glory to God, whose presence brings to life to all, without fear or favour!!


Advent 18


In my mind King conjures up images of power, oppression and war; either that or total irrelevance!!
This King, however, is neither irrelevant or an oppressor, in fact this King conjures images of peace, hope and love.

If we must have a King, this one gets my vote.

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