Okay, we never went anywhere.

We are The Melbourne Welsh Church. We meet in person, we live-stream on YouTube, mistakes and all, at our 11 am Sunday services, coffee catchups, bible studies, and church quizzes service time – the latter being online for the time being due to the current circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic.

We should note that during the Sunday service, if you are in the front three rows you may appear on camera. Links will appear on Facebook and the website usually by the end of the week.

Services will be ‘in-person’ as well as live-streamed. Please choose which works best for you on that day.

Find our most recent information down below

Good Friday Service – 7th April 2023

Birthday of the Organ Service (Welsh) – 26th March 2023

More streamed services can be found on our youtube channel: Melbourne Welsh Church

We’re not perfect

The above information changes very rarely. We try to keep up and get the important stuff front and center, however, that occasionally does not happen and this is why we need Jesus. Hope to see you in person or you’re able to join us via our Youtube live stream. All are welcome.

We have an open communion table at the Melbourne Welsh Church and all are invited to partake in the service. If you have any questions please contact the ministry team.

If you need to hear from a minister or Elder, please send us an email at melbwelshchurchbigpond.com letting us know what you need and we will try redirect you to the person that can best serve you.


We are all children of God. Melbourne Welsh Church is committed to ministering to children, young people, and adults by providing an environment that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe. Melbourne Welsh Church is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all people and will endeavour to provide a safe and supportive environment for children, young people, and adults by the following safeguarding measures: Recruitment processes (screening, selection, interviews, etc.), Working with Children Check, Training, Induction, Supervision and Reviews. The following values reflect the culture that we are all committed to providing and promoting within Melbourne Welsh Church; Due diligence, Integrity, Duty of Care, Transparency, Inclusivity, Respect, and Teamwork.