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 Loitering and ‘being’ opens the horizons of the mind and heart, it also challenges prejudice.
Meeting people from around our world. people with who we have much in common, others who see the world quite differently from us, all make a rich and interesting tapestry.

At a Vigil held in the city of Melbourne where I work, after a tragic incident to place, I observed a diversity not always appreciated. Mostly this is often as a result of ignorance, fear and mistrust of other.

Sitting after the vigil with a man, a complete stranger to me, we held hands we chatted about what we have in common.

He a Hindu and me a white anglo-saxon commonly known as ‘a Christian”.

Both affected by what had happened, both deeply moved by the service and both saying how at times like this we need each other.

While we do love ‘our’ country, and want it to ‘be safe’ and for some just like ‘the good ol’ days’, we are called to love.

For those of us who claim to ‘love God with all our heart, strength and mind’ sometimes forget to love neighbour as self.

I don’t expect its always easy, its not for me, so together lets strive to get it, who knows we may even look back one day and claim these were the ‘good ol’ day’!!

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hot chocolate and peanut butter choice chip cookies, conversation and community

The value of stories should never been underestimated.

As a small group of us sat sipping our hot chocolate and eating delicious cookies, ( Thanks Ana)
we listen to four men tell stories of brokenness, recovery, relapse and Grace, Mercy,Love, Forgiveness and second chances.
These men also work together, not because they love money, or power, no, rather because together as they mow, paint, weed gardens or build fences, they encourage each other, support each other and share in the Grace, Mercy, Love,Pain, Forgiveness and second chances, they share on the journey.
The Good News in action, practice, purposeful and real.

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11:00 am Queen Victoria Hospital Service
Queen Victoria Hospital Service
Sep 8 @ 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
This annual service commemorates the long association the Welsh Church has had with the Queen Victoria Hospital, initiated by  the use of our hall by Dr. Constance Stone as the first out-patient clinic run by